Sportsmens Club




Mail To:
Tom Wiles

493 Longvue Drive

New Kensington, PA 15068

(including a self addressed stamped envelope will help the club contain costs)

New Membership - $65

 (All new members are required to attend 3 meetings and contribute 12 work hours in their first  year of service)

Social Renewal - $40

    No Meetings or Work Parties Required


Active Renewal - $20

     Must Make 3 Yearly Meetings

     Must Perform 12 Work Hours Per Year


 Active Renewal with Clubhouse Key- $20

     Must Make 6 Yearly Meetings

     Must Perform 20 Work Hours Per Year 


** To join the club a member in good standing must sponsor your new membership.  you will be given a temporary membership card at that time and will be voted in permanently at the next monthly meeting.

** All new members are required to perform 12 work hours in their 1st year of service

** Max membership will be 250.